Real-Time Identity Resolution

Screen6 has launched the industry’s first solution to offer immediate cross-device user ID resolution. As the only identity provider to deliver this functionality, Screen6 is making it possible to build new associations within client graphs on an ongoing, real-time basis. By allowing for persistent matching and deduplication of Unique IDs, Screen6 makes these identifiers that otherwise wouldn’t have been addressable available in real-time. This solution increases the overall match rates and value of a client’s cross-device graph.

Real-Time Identity Resolution addresses market challenges posed by new technology including Over-The-Top (OTT) inventory and Apple’s iOS 12 update with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP 1.0/2.0). These inhibit the ability to persistently identify within the mobile web environment. Safari accounts for nearly half of all mobile web traffic in North America and a quarter in Europe, according to StatCounter.


Retargeting within < 24 Hours

Data Freshness

iOS 12 Advantages

Research conducted by Screen6 based on the analysis of trillions of server-to-server events, shows that 40% of cookies decay within the first 24 hours due to the declining acceptance within browser environments. Screen6’s Real-Time Identity Resolution allows for a significant portion of this traffic to now become addressable.

Most cross-device graph providers are updating their master graphs on a weekly basis, however, there is clearly a growing need for real-time matching, as is evidenced by our research into cookie decay and the growing impact of Safari iOS 12. By providing this real-time capability to clients, Screen6 enables a better user experience and deliver successful customer intelligence which will result in better marketing decisions and more effective cross-device campaigns.

Cookie decay is a problem that is getting worse and this allows for us to take advantage of our most recent traffic and make better decisions based on real-time matching. Having a persistent solutions results in better match rates and overall campaign success.

Marco Kloots, CEO of Platform 161